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Changeover Technologies awarded Enterprise Investment Scheme
(EIS) status by HMRC. 

Dec 2020

Working together with Grant Thornton accountants, Changeover Technologies has been awarded EIS status as of 7th December 2020. This is now applicable to new investors in offering them tax relief incentives.
This is a link to a summary of some of the main points of the EIS scheme -

US Office Opened in Colorado


Dec 2020


Changeover Technologies has opened a new office in Greenwood Village Colorado where Todd A Myers will be the company’s North American representative.


Todd has more than 30 years experience in the North American mining industry as a  manager and consultant. He has held  senior positions with Cloud Peak Energy and Financial Times Energy. He is an expert in environmental regulation and emissions.


Changeover CEO Ken Flockhart said: “Todd’s experience will contribute greatly to our Cleantech Goals which will help us to take a major step forward securing partners and customers”

   Weather resistant pellets

ready to go

Nov 2020

​Our Ballygawley test plant is fully operational and running regular tests on the transformation of waste fine material to homogenous pellets.

The whole process takes 15 minutes to create a pellet and 3 days to cure it.  Fine loose waste that is 550Kg/m3 ends up as 1200Kg/m3 in pellet form.


Changeover’s CEO Ken Flockhart said:  "This green strength allows the pellets to be stacked up to 6 meters high and non-stick, curing into weather resistant pellets, able to be handled by industrial means.”

Cleaning up waste fines at the Minehead is the first of our environmentally positive mitigating solutions to help producers turn wastes into greener re-useable pellets, in this case for thermal and metallurgical end users.


Ours is a platform technology applicable to multiple verticals, and already in our R&D pipeline are the clean-up and enhancement of fossil fuel ash, agricultural wastes, to name but two of the many carbonaceous, mineral and agricultural wastes to which our technology is applicable.

On going Testing in Co-operation with British Steel at DMT Coking Laboratories, Essen, Germany

Nov 2020

Internationally renowned DMT laboratories are undertaking final key coking test on Changeover Technologies metallurgical coking pellet MetaForm.


Initial pre-tests were successfully carried out and indications are that a positive result on this final moving wall carbonisation test is forthcoming.


Watch this space for further news on this breakthrough greener sourced metallurgical pellet, MetaForm.


 Changeover achieves key UN Goals


Oct 2020

Changeover’s processes embrace many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the mining industry. 


There are an estimated 60 million tons of coal fine waste globally, the residue of former mining operations. The UN is dedicated to improving the mining industry’s environmental performance and management, through heightening public awareness of the parts of the mining operation that create pollution. 

Changeover Technologies transformational technology will reduce the need for mining operations creating a win win solution for everyone.

Changeover raises another £1.2m investment during Coronavirus pandemic


July 2020


Kernel Capital, the venture capital arm of Bank of Ireland, along with private investors, has injected another investment tranche of £1.2m into Changeover Technologies Ltd. ensuring that it can meet its value milestones into 2021.

With this influx of cash, Changeover continues to forge ahead with  the Ballygawley pilot unit  and its R&D facility in Belfast’s Gasworks. The company’s new environmental solutions for the clean-up and recycling of post-burn ash and agricultural waste brings new patents ever nearer.    

 £2m Investment by Kernel Capital


22 AUG 2019

Bank of Ireland's Kernel Capital announces £2m Investment in Changeover Technologies to build its production plant at Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone. 

Allen Martin, partner at Kernel Capital, said: “Following on from our initial investment, the company has successfully developed and patented innovative technology that has the potential to deliver significant environmental and economic returns,”