Our History

Five years of research and development to find

greener solutions for the clean-up and re-use of discarded waste materials




We begin work on the new environmentally neutral Silform Version 2 Formula and a low carbon footprint Process, and began to establish our test site in Dromore, Northern Ireland.



A new organic polymer-based environmentally friendly formula was developed. This environmentally neutral formula produces no additional SO2, NOx, Ash or CO2.


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We file two new patents on formula and process, and rebrand the company from Silform Technologies to Changeover Technologies to reflect our new products and technology, targeted at assisting companies in the reuse of their waste and the changeover to greener more circularly-efficient reuse technologies.

We continue to draw on our wealth of pelletising knowledge, amassed from years of intensive R&D, to produce more green solutions for the handling of environmentally damaging wastes.

We take in another £2m of investment to support our continued R&D and development of a pilot unit. We move into new laboratory premises at the renovated Old Gasworks, Belfast, NI, and open a 3-acre test site in Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone.


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At Ballygawley test site, we successfully complete our 5ton/hr Pilot unit and move to scaling up to a commercial 15ton/hr unit to launch it in 2022.

In our R&D pipeline we move forward with new green solutions to cleaning up and reusing into the circular economy silica reductors, utility ashes and agricultural wastes.

July 2020, we take in another £1.2m of investment during a time of Covid-19 shutdowns, allowing us to continue onwards to achieve our value milestones.




Recognised as silver level innovator in Innovate Northern Ireland Accreditation Program.


Cranfield University - Sustainable Energy and               Process Engineering Group publish              independent reports on CTL's platform technology's ability to assist the transition to net zero by producing greener raw natural resources from discarded waste.

CTL raise a further £870K to extend runway during Covid pandemic.

We transition into high end silicone reductants and high temperature EAF processes.

In our R&D pipeline we make successful advances in utility waste ash and agricultural wastes.



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        The Future


Launch SilForm® - High grade reductant pellets for the silicone market. Technology scale up and commercialisation Q2-Q4 2022.

Onwards to Providing Solutions to Greener Alternatives in Handling Environmentally Damaging Wastes.

Committed to helping waste producers to journey to net zero.